Residential Inspections

Our structural inspections provide an assessment of existing structures and conditions. From identifying potential issues to offering actionable recommendations, we ensure the safety and longevity of your structures.

Custom Homes

Build your dream home with confidence in its quality and integrity. Our custom home engineering service combines innovative design with structural expertise to bring your dream home to life. From nothing more than an idea, we work closely with you to develop and finalize your custom home design.

Additions / Remodels

An addition can be a cost effective way to add more space and new functionality to a home without the hassle of moving vans and a new address. Impact Engineers is here to help by evaluating your existing structure and determining what must be done to strengthen or reconfigure the structure to meet your changing needs.

Accessory Structures

From light gauge metal buildings to large steel or wood framed shops, our accessory structure designs provide practical, budget-minded solutions. We provide engineering insights on small design changes that can affect overall build cost to keep your project on track.

Covered Areas / Decks

Decks and covered areas provide flexible spaces for entertaining, or simply getting some fresh air. Our focus is on creating structurally sound and visually pleasing additions to your property. Transform your outdoor spaces into places you want to be.

Retaining Walls

Typically constructed from reinforced concrete or stacked blocks, retaining walls are used to enhance the utility or aesthetic appeal of a space. Retaining structures greater than 4 ft in height require engineering and we are here to help.


Commercial Buildings

At Impact Engineers, we understand that every project is unique. Our commercial engineering and design services are tailored to achieve project specific requirements. Reach out to schedule a free project consultation.

Non-Building Structures

We offer services for custom support frames, storage racks, architectural cladding systems, and more. Design packages vary from single member evaluation to complete code analysis, design, and shop drawings.

Construction Support

When construction is halted, responsive service is key to keeping your project on schedule. Impact Engineers is committed to timely construction support solutions that avoid costly project delays.


Have something out of the ordinary? Looking for engineering insights on a project? Reach out to discuss your needs.